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Overview of 25 October 2019 Industry 4.0 INTERMEDIATE PROGRAMME

During the past decades, there were three Industrials Revolution that occurred. It all started in the year 1800 called 'the age of steam' with the introduction of steam power and water power in factories, then in year 1900, the 2nd Industrial Revolution occurred called the age of electricity, there was the introduction of electricity, assembly line and mass production, and the 3rd Industrial Revolution occurred in 2000 called the information age which comprises of automation and use of computers.

Nowadays, we are talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution which is called Industry 4.0, which is based on Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Cyber Physical Production System (CPPS). In this ever-growing competitive world, there is a shift from mass production to a customised production, therefore Industry 4.0 enclose the future trends to achieve more intelligent manufacturing process to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Industry 4.0 consists of 9 components, which are Autonomous Robots, Simulations, System Integration (vertical, horizontal and end-to-end), and the Industrial Internet of Things, Cyber Security, the Cloud, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, and Big data Analytics. Industry 4.0 will make use of Cyber Physical Systems to create Cyber Physical Production System to link virtual world with Physical world, which will eventually lead to SMART Production. Our International Guest Speakers will elaborate more on these nine components of I40. But Industry 4.0 also comprises of certain risks, such as the increased risk of Cyber threats, such as Denial of Service attack and Cyber espionage.

Review progress, benchmark against other successful business cases and discuss Implementation-focused Crucial Enablers with Industry 4.0 experts and industry peers.

The Learning outcomes are:

Resolve Industry 4.0 and Digitalization Implementation Issues
Showcase successful Industry 4.0 technologies, solutions and Digitalization ecosystem
Understand from the Interchange the latest emerging technologies, operational excellence and leadership skills to be 4.0 Ready in an expanded ecosystem
Valuable Knowledge Exchange and Networking Platform of leadership insights, technology applications, Sandbox ideas and challenges, case studies, group discussions and practical approaches
Assimilate from Learning Journeys through immersive experiences from Case Studies (Values/Benefits, Mistakes and Policy Support)
Outline 2019 Action Plan.

Outline and Update SMART 4.0 Digital Economy Plans with alignment to Vision 2025 for Mauritius and Africa.

Meet Our Industry 4.0 (I40)


TAN Chee Peng

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Business Technovise International & Team SYNthesis,
Group CEO

Previous Events

13 November 2017 - Primer

Mauritius 4.0:

Line in the Sand drawn in the Leadership 4.0 Primer with enthusiastic multi-industry participation supported by key thought leaders and distinguished speakers from Asia & Africa. Follow-up 10-11 April 2018 Conference promises even greater coverage and insights.

The 13Nov17 Leadership 4.0 Primer, held at The Ravenala Attitude, Balaclava, Mauritius, drew the Line in the Sand for Industry 4.0 in Mauritius. More than 100 delegates across the key industries of FSI, Hospitality, Sugar, Textile, ICT, Media, SME, Construction, Automotive, Professional Services, Education, Medical, Logistics & Transportation, Public Sector and Manufacturing participated enthusiastically and could now craft blueprints and action plans to address the impacts to Businesses, Government, Society & Individuals in Mauritius supported by the adaptive leadership to be compassionate and engaging.

Opening the Primer Workshop, Organizing Chairman, Chee-Peng TAN, the Group CEO, Business Technovise International (BTI) & TeamSYNthesis (TS), set the mood of the Workshop with a powerful visual comprising the objective, outcome and the next steps for this impactful initiative.

More than 12 Keynote and distinguished Industry Guest Speakers graced the occasion to share insights of Industry 4.0 & Digitalization, the current state of Industry 4.0 and the Digitalization Ecosystem in Mauritius as well as the Emerging Technologies, Operational Excellence & Leadership 4.0-ready skills.

The Industry Keynote Speaker, Kok-Hoong CHEAH, Group CEO, Hitachi Sunway Information Systems, shared his view on Industry 4.0: The Myths & Realities in which he elaborated on the Megatrends Driving Change in Global Advanced Manufacturing. He expertly navigated on the accelerating social innovation, leveraging on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. With local presence in 16 locations across 9 countries serving more than 1,000 clients, he shared illuminating insights on the various successful Industry 4.0 sites with disintermediated value-add and new business models.

The industry-focused Panel Session, chaired by the Keynote Speaker, featured seven (7) Speaker-Panelists from multi-industry background:

Avinash Meetoo, Adviser of the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, enlightened the participants on Public Sector Innovation for Economic & Social Development supporting the Vision 2030 of the Government of Mauritius.

Seasoned Financial Technology (FinTech) expert, Eshan Amiran, shared his views on FinTech Disruptive Innovation for SMEs, Large Businesses & Government, highlighting the evolution of the banking sector from Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0.

Tommy Wong, the CFO of Sun Ltd, pointed out the Disruptive Innovation in the Hospitality Industry and the Impact to Hotels, Guests & Government. Elaborating on Hospitality 4.0, he showcased the application of digital technologies from Reservation to Checkout.

Managing Director Esquel, Hemant Kumar Jugnarain, presented the Digital Transformation & Solutions in Order-to-Delivery of Customer-specific SMART Textile by demonstrating the advances made in his Mauritian Smart Factory taking a step closer to the ultimate aim of 100% Mauritian Workforce.

David Marjolin, IT Manager of Alteo Group, emphasized on the Disruptive Innovation in the Sugar Industry & Impact to Growers, Millers & Government, expressing the challenges and influential trends influencing Smart Farming and Precision Agriculture (PA) practices. He also showcased advances made in his Smart Factory.

MITIA President, Dev Sunnasy, discussed the Digitalization, Disintermediation & Impact of ICT to Mauritian Citizens & Government, arguing the case for Digital Transformation in the local governments.

Finally, Loic Forget, the Digital Director of La Sentinelle Digital elaborated on the Media (4th Estate) Transformation Disintermediating Through Disruptive Innovation and concluded on wider cyber-physical systems application for the industrial commercial printing infrastructure.

Kick-starting the highly entertaining and insightful afternoon session was the second Keynote Speaker Chee-Peng TAN covering comprehensively Leadership 4.0 all-important nine (9) competencies. Delivered through a flowing story-telling, the what-if scenarios, coupled with realities on the ground, were thoroughly examined. Audience’s thoughts were sought and relevant disintermediation examples impacting their industries were discussed. Real-life examples-laden, the interactive idea exchanges focused on the Societal Impact of Disruptive Innovation, the leadership challenge responses required to address these implications, and concluded by reflecting on Albert Einstein’s wisdom in that most people see what is, and never what can be.

The Skillset Development-focused Panel Session, chaired by the second Keynote Speaker, featured four (4) distinguished Speaker-Panelists from multi-industry background:

Areff Salauroo, MAHRP & African HR Confederation President, delivered powerfully the Digital Employee, Digital IQ & Digital Value in the Digital Economy, elaborating on building Digital DNA in the digital Economy.

Tertiary Education Research & Policy Leader, Prof Dr Theeshan Bahorun G.O.S.K, shared passionately his knowledge about Skilling Digital Workforce in the Education System (STEM), outlining the exponential changes Industry 4.0 would bring and assuring the counter-measures already taken by some institutes of higher learning.

Para Valaydon C.S.K, SMEDA Chairman, touched expertly on Mauritius Entrepreneurship and SMEs in the Digital Economy, expounding on the advantages and constraints of the Digital Economy.

NPCC Chairman, Sanjiv Mulloo, shared very knowledgably on Mauritius Sustained Growth & International Competitiveness in the Digital Economy, enthusing the progression in shaping the Future of Digital Economy.

Successive speakers had highlighted that regulators and Public Sectors will need to come to the Top Table to brainstorm, discuss, finalize and formulate policies to address Data Protection, Alternative Currencies, Digital Transformation Framework, STEM Vocational Training and I40-based curriculum.

The true opportunities of Industry 4.0 reside in the identification and implementation of new business models over many small steps rather than a single upheaval of operations. As is a tale, so is life: not how much Industry 4.0 it is, but how good it is, is what matters. The benchmarking journeys to 10-11 April 2018 Conference with the explicit desire that Faith will triumph Hope & Fear.

26-27 September 2018 - Blueprinting Conference

Call for Action to craft the Industry 4.0 (I40) Plan in the Leadership 4.0 Workshop programme focusing on I40 Blueprinting received local and international multiindustry participation supported by the PMO, and arguably the largest gathering of key I40 Thought Leaders and Distinguished Speakers from Europe, Asia, USA & Africa. Follow-up 26 October 2018 Masterclass promises implementation insights for organizations that have crossed the I40.

The 2-day Industry 4.0 Blueprinting Conference, officiated by the Honourable Vice Prime Minister, Mrs Fazila JEEWA-DAUREEAWOO, was held on 26-27 September 2018, attended by about 200 local and international participants from all sectors and industries. About 15 Distinguished Speakers – from Europe, Asia, USA, Africa and Mauritius, and 34 local and international Panellists engaged and deliberated on the best way forward to transform and create.

The Conference has 5 high interactive and intense 270-min Panel sessions covering 76 key areas of interest in the following tracks:

Business 4.0, chaired by Team SYNthesis CEO, Chee-Peng TAN
Industry 4.0, chaired by MITIA President, Dev SUNNASY
Technology 4.0, chaired by Harel Mallac Technologies GM, Shateeaum SEWPAUL
Human Capital 4.0, chaired by ex MauBank CEO, Sridhar NAGARAJAN
Socio-Economic Development 4.0, chaired by EDB Chairman, Charles CARTIER.

Uniquely organized with Industry 4.0 (I40) mobilitybased delivery mechanism, leading local and international I40 practitioners deliberated and shared the lessons learnt from successful I40 initiatives around the world which would enable the participating companies to commence their planning activities with hindsights, insights and wisdom.
The follow-up 26 October 2018 I40 Implementation Masterclass will assist the participating companies to fine-tune their I40 implementation Plans in their endeavor to be I40-ready by 2025. The time is HERE and NOW!

26 October 2018 - Masterclass

Call for Action to implement the crafted Industry 4.0 (I40) Plan in the Leadership 4.0 Intermediate Masterclass drawing on successful I40 Implementation insights received local and international multiindustry participation from Mauritius, Malaysia, India and Singapore. This annual Implementation Masterclass will feature more i40 success stories in its next edition on 25 October 2019.

The 1-day Industry 4.0 Implementation Masterclass was held on 26 October 2018, attended by about 50 local and international participants from all sectors and industries. Facilitated by two seasoned industry practitioners, the insights from successfully implemented I40 projects were shared, deliberated and incorporated into the best way forward to transform and create Professional 4.0, Workforce 4.0, Process & TOM 4.0, Organization 4.0 and Mauritius 4.0.

The Masterclass covered the following key implementation considerations:

Strategy 4.0, facilitated by Team SYNthesis CEO, Chee-Peng TAN
Process 4.0, facilitated by Team SYNthesis CEO, Chee-Peng TAN
Technology 4.0, facilitated by Aetheis CEO, Marc ISRAEL
Human Capital 4.0, facilitated by Team SYNthesis CEO, Chee-Peng TAN
Action Plan 4.0, facilitated by Team SYNthesis CEO, Chee-Peng TAN.

With Industry 4.0 (I40) mobilitybased delivery mechanism, the following areas were discussed, deliberated in breakout sessions and objective evidence provided:

Current Focus & Future Trends
Value Driver, Challenge & Approach
Three Case Studies highlighting successful outcome
Lessons Learnt (Challenges & Insights)
The Humanizing Approach.

The next edition of this annual event – the 25 October 2019 I40 Implementation Masterclass - will further assist the participating companies to fine-tune their I40 implementation Plans in their endeavor to be I40-ready by 2025. The time is HERE and NOW!


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With the exponential changes brought about in exponential times by the 4th Industrial Revolution, it is really going to be survival for the fittest - those who have a plan/blueprint and strategically know how to disintermediate and deliver business values in Industry 4.0 era.