19 October 2015

Project Simulation Workshop (Expert)

Project management develops and implements plans to achieve a specific scope that is driven by the objectives s of the program or the portfolio to which it is subjected and, ultimately, to organizational strategies.

A project can be completed on schedule, within budget but still not delivering the intended business outcome. Thus, the Project Simulation (Intermediate) PPM Masterclass serves to demonstrate through practical applications the most important success differentiators in Programme/Project and Strategic Initiative management. Highly-driven by PMIS, the critical scenarios, including aspects of the 10 knowledge areas, technical performance and project accounting datapoints, are emphasized to address the missing links in many projects.

Without these key elements, the project managers may not be guided properly in driving the projects to a successful conclusion. Moreover, you would benefit from the practical case studies where you may apply the lessons learned in your real-life projects, hence enriching your PPM experiential values and ensuring your organization receives the best-inclass solutions. Project leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without strategy, as culture eats strategy for breakfast everyday! 

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